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Workshops  & Seminars

What We Do
Board Development

Decision Insight specializes in untapping your corporate team's true potential. Through innovative and progressive workshops, we help organizations find the right management tools for long lasting success.


Our workshops and seminars are customized and interactive and focus on the following disciplines: 



  • Governance

  • Structure

  • Compliance

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Ethics

Executive Hiring & Transition Management
  • Succession Planning and Executive Transition Management

  • Preparing the Board and the Organization for Change

  • New Executive “onboarding”

  • New Leader / Board Intergration

























EDGE™  is a unique workshop experience where participants will work with horses to identify and understand their leadership strengths and “blind spots”.  All ground work, no riding, our expert equine coaches guide participants in specific activities designed  gain a deeper awareness of their affect on others.  Through this experience, individuals and groups become aware of non-verbal body language, become attune to unspoken emotions and gain confidence understanding and trusting diverse styles of participation and leadership.  Our full or half day programs are customized, designed and facilitated by experienced, trained professionals with expertise in coaching, facilitation and equine assisted learning.


Workshops are provided year round at one of our scenic ranch facilities in San Diego County, California.

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Decision Insight Inc: Organizational Transition Management & Executive Search
EDGE ™  : Executive Development & Growth through Equine Coaching
Multicultural Competency
  • Examine systems and structures that intentionally and unintentionally create or contribute to inequities and bias.

  • Understanding “micro-inequities” and impact

  • Contextual framework and language for discussing and exploring diversity and culture

  • Review “case studies” (client’s and other examples) to explore issues and different approaches to achieve desired change. 










Team Building & Integration

Participants complete an online assessment (in advance) that reveals individual work-related differences and similarities. We’ll discuss how to leverage this awareness to improve communication and relationships.  This is a candid, interactive workshop. Participants will share their results and discuss. 










The Art & Science of Hiring Smart
  • Pitfalls and limits of traditional methods  

  • The financial impact of “average” versus “top” performers

  • Getting the right information to determine the right fit among the qualified  

  • Recruiting and search tips – secrets used by top recruiters

  • Tools and methods that increase assessment accuracy and improve outcomes










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